Baking directions





 Defrosting time  Oven temperature  Baking time


 - 2 hours room temp
 - over night in the fridge


 200 – 220’C
(400 – 430’F)
 10-12 min 

Rolls (70gr)

- 30min


200’C / 400’F  5-6 min

Party rolls (40gr)

- 30min


200’C / 400’F  4-5 min 

Ham croissants

- no defrosting required

- paint some egg yellow on top 

180’C / 360'F  18-20 min 



- Temperature are recommendations only and may vary depending on your oven

- Spray or brush your bread with water before putting it into the oven

- Bread can defrosted in the fridge over night and kept in the fridge for up to 4 days