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Our family have been ordering all our bread from Breadbox on a weekly basis. We LOVE the multigrain loaves and the convenience of online ordering with home delivery. We have recommended Breadbox to all our friends.


Poelmann family, Dutch/ British



What is life without good bread? Less enjoyable at least. Fortunately there is hkbreadbox where we can find a big variety of different kinds of breads, conveniently delivered to our door step. We especially love the fresh and high quality bread-rolls. They make every Sunday morning a special one. Keep on with your heart warming service!


Rita Hämmerli-Weschke, Swiss



Ein herzliches Dankeschön für euren tollen Service. Wir hatten eine erfolgreiche Veranstaltung und sind noch immer alle ganz begeistert von der Qualität eurer Brötchen! Auch die gesamte Vorbereitung (Bestellung/Lieferung/Aufbacken) hat alles ganz toll geklappt.


Das Team des Österreichischen Generalkonsulates



Thanks for the quick follow up - we LOVE your bread!


Sheila Hutchinson, American


Having struggled to find good quality bread in Hong Kong, we were delighted when we discovered hkBreadbox and the fantastic selection of bread that they offer. There are multiple varieties of bread, rolls etc. which keeps the whole family happy. Delivery is always on time and the ordering process is very straight forward. I would highly recommend.
Kate Stafford, British

We are breadlovers and the one thing we missed in HK was the fresh, crunchy bread we used to buy around the corner in Europe. Then we discovered hkBreadbox two years ago and are simply addicted to their great choice of bread. It’s delivered to your doorstep and ready in 10 minutes. We enjoy it every day, the multigrain loaf at breakfast for a good start in the day, the laugen with cheese in the evening or the butter loaf for a delicious Sunday brunch. It’s really hard to live without!
Agnes Azrak, French

Our kids bring snack boxes with bread/sandwiches everyday to the school. We bake early morning and put the fresh breads into their boxes. These breads are very tasty, soft inside, crispy outside even at lunch time. That's why we choose hkBreadbox!
Miki Gierhake, Japanese/German

If you are an Expat, I think the first thing that we miss is our food. Although we all have an open mind towards other kitchens, it is always nice to enjoy a little piece of bread from our own country. When I discovered Breadbox, it was amazing for me/us, as we are big fans of Bretzel, dark Bread and "vollkorn Brot". And with Breadbox we can definitely find what we like. And the best part is that there is no need to go and wake up early to get it as it gets delivered straight to your house. There is just one simple step you need to follow- go on the internet and chose your favourite bread or biscuit. When it comes out of the oven it's so fresh and crusty, that it tastes like it was home made. Enjoy!
Florence Wanger, Swiss