Our View

Welcome to bread heaven!

Our aim is to be the finest home delivery bakery in Hongkong. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our ingredients and the outstanding services we provide in delivering the best to all our customers. All our products are handmade with care in Hong Kong supervised by Swiss Head Bakers and Chocolatiers. Enjoy the experience and let us bring your favorite bread directly to your breakfast table!


Why are we doing this?

Are you also searching for good bread in the stores? Not long ago it seemed impossible to buy crunchy bread and if you still find some you will realize that by the time it is to be served it has all but lost it’s freshness and very much looks and tastes like all other breads.

Then how is it that we occasionally get to taste outstanding crunchy bread in some high-end restaurants and 5-start hotels? Our Swiss baker friend from Gourmethouse explained it to us and trust me he knows, having served the Hongkong market for over 20 years! So the decision was easy to make. Let us have the same highest quality bread as the 5-star hotels. Even better let this bread come straight at home. No extra searching just ordering online. As easy as that.


How does it work?

It is quite a simple idea. Store your bread frozen and only bake it crisp when needed. This is how the professionals are doing it as well. All our breads are baked to 90%, thereafter being quick frozen and kept in this condition. You can keep the bread in the freezer and reheat it just before serving (5-10 minutes baking time). Like this the bread is always fresh and you will have never waste nor overstock!


We run on a weekly schedule: the order deadline is each Tuesday at 5pm. Deliveries are between Thursday & Friday. Just in time for Sunday brunch. Enjoy!



New Director from April 2016


We are happy to say that the hkBREADBOX will stay in the family.

After my mother, Kesang Spirgi has been running the company for just over a year she has now shown me all the ins and outs to the operating process. She has done a great deal to improve this company's reliablity and to build a very customer friendly business.

My name is Joshua Spirgi and after watching my mother handle the hkBREADBOX business and enjoying the delicious fruits (or rather bread) of her labour it delights me to say that as my next professional step I will build on what is already a very exciting business.

I am looking forward to bringing you the best possible service and to ensure that all your needs will be met.

I am proud to have you as our customer.




Bakery staff

There are lots more people involved! Especially the whole bakery staff actually producing all these hand made products and ensuring the high quality of the ingredients and process. Our supplier has a Swiss Bakery boss and Swiss Chocolatiers. As well as many local staff already working for the company since many years doing a great job.